The Bassment Players

Emily Hall: 

Though the youngest in the band Emily is a seasoned percussionist and vocalist and keyboardist and keeps the band focused on the set lists and practice. Emily is so versatile that the Bassment players are now a true collaborator of talent as the vocal’s can be shared between the lead artists and Emily at each performance. You have to hear her harmonies!! As a free spirit, you will never know what Emily will do next with her hair. She expresses her self not only in song but in appearance too. The kind heartedness of this young woman is so evident that even at performances she walks out from behind the drums and involves the little ones in the show. This girl is amazing!

Tommy Long:

Tommy Long started playing bass guitar in his church worship band in 2010. Over the years Tommy has encouraged the artists in his church band and others to go for their dreams. When Tommy met Emily, it was when Randi Keira was needing a band to back her up at a performance. Randi Keira introduced Emily to Tommy and from then on, The Bassment Players were born.